Tours & Art Classes

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Tours and art classes at the Bowers Museum are designed for grades K-12 and are available all year to accommodate school districts and school-site services with year-round schedules. These experiences provide unique opportunities for students to engage with cultural arts from around the world. Students enjoy an interactive, docent guided or self-guided tour of our permanent and/or changing exhibitions designed to explore critical thinking skills and promote cross-cultural understanding. As a part of their tour, students participate in a hands-on art class inspired by themes in our galleries that they are able to take home with them and share with their families.

/ Current Offerings

In compliance with state guidelines, we are not booking school tours at this time. For inquiries about virtual tours, please contact or call (714) 567-3680.

Inside the Walt Disney Archives

disney logo body1

Suggested Grades K-12
Art project: Zoetrope Animation

SEE rare treasures, including original artwork, costumes, and props from
Disney films and theme parks; LEARN about Walt Disney & the Walt Disney Company; and DISCOVER the power of creativity!

Families Around the World

January 23 Educator Open House Final

Suggested Grades K-1
Art project: Clay Totems

Explore how families from around the world celebrate, connect, and create!

Communities Around the World


Suggested Grades 1-2
Art project: Kula Necklace

Learn about how different cultures structure their communities!

First Californians

First Californians

Suggested Grades: 2-5
Art project: Native American Baskets

Explore how the first Californians life and art were shaped by their natural environment.

California Legacies: Mission & Ranchos

Missions and Ranchos

Suggested Grades: 3-5
Art Project: Cochineal Prints

Explore the history of Orange County and California from the early Spanish missions to the rancho settlements.

California Bounty: Image & Identity, 1850-1930

California Bounty

Suggested Grades: 3+
Art project: Plein Air Landscapes

Learn about the unique visual culture of California by exploring landscapes, portraiture, and still life!

Ancient Arts of China: A 5000 Year Legacy

Ancient Arts of China

Suggested Grades: 5+
Art Project: Watercolor Scrolls

Witness the incredible evolution of Chinese art and culture from the Neo-lithic Era to the last dynasty!

Spirits & Headhunters: Art of the Pacific Islands

Spirits and Headhunters

Suggested Grades: 6+
Art Project: Shields

Explore ceremonial masks, weapons of war, implements and vessels for feasting, and the art of personal admornment from the vast and diverse Pacific Islands!

School Tour and Art Projects

Tours are 2-2.5 hours long
  • 1 Hour Private Docent-Led Tour
  • 30 Minute Break
  • 1 Hour Private Art Project
  • $13 per Student/ $15 for Special Exhibitions
  • Free Chaperone (Parents/Guardians/Volunteers) per 10 Students
  • Teachers/Special Needs Aides Free
  • $6 Each Additional Chaperone/$8 for Special Exhibitions
  • Tuesday-Friday
  • School Tours start at 9:30 am each morning
  • Minimum of 15 Students; 70 Students Maximum Per Visit
  • If less than 15 students, $200 minimum payment


Scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis. Please fill out a tour request form to receive your scholarship application.